Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On Flourishing and becoming a Trailblazer

 Happy New Year!

What a difference a day makes, right?  As December rolled in, we all began to feel and hear the familiar declarations of "Wow, can you believe it's almost the end of the year?"

And then it hits us...Wow! It's almost the end of the year!
  We look back and take stock of all that has happened and what didn't happen.

We ask ourselves if we did what we resolved to do last New Year's Day?


I have to admit that I did not. I didn't TRANSFORM like I wanted to. I didn't really FLY. I didn't CREATE or CONNECT or LIVE as much as I would have liked.

That is not to say that there weren't moments to remember. I stayed positive. I took steps, albeit small ones. I invested in myself and my art.

But for the most part...
I held on. I struggled. I survived. I wandered.

As the new year begins and I am contemplating my word for the year, WANDER, STRUGGLE, and SURVIVE are not topping the list. 

The new year holds so much Opportunity and Possibility.  It's the perfect time to assess and make changes. To make things BETTER. Many of will be making collard greens and black-eyed peas in the hopes of bringing in some Good Luck and Abundance for the new year. But the TRUTH is, it will take more than that...

I want to ACCOMPLISH things. Finish what I start and GO FOR IT.  I want to take ACTION towards my dream life, not remain at arm's length.

I feel ENERGIZED with the potential of it all.

I feel the MOMENTUM from the clock striking midnight pushing me, and my DESIRE to THRIVE pulling me.

To some it all up, my word for the year is:

To Thrive.
To Fare Well.
To Be in a period of Highest Productivity, Excellence, or Influence.
To Make Bold, Sweeping Movements.
Be Successful. 
 Be Vigorous. 
Develop. Grow. Inscrease.
 Bloom. Blossom.

Yeah, that's what I want.

And as for becoming a Trailblazer, the Universe's timing is impeccable and perfect, and funny and exciting, and JUST BLOWS MY MIND!  In my next post, I'll explain how I am starting the year with this amazing opportunity from Paid to Exist. Here's a hint:  It has nothing to do with emptying my bank account, and Everything to do with just Going for IT!
 If you really want to ignite your dream, check this program out. TODAY, would be a good day, as they are doing a Pay What You Can promotion!

Anyone else have a word for the year?  I love to hear what it is and why you picked it!

Best Wishes to You All for 2013!!

Go Out and Be Kind!

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