Monday, April 1, 2013

Taking a Chance

Meet Sofie!  In a roundabout way, this super-cute little pup has changed my life!  You see at the beginning of the year, I came across a message from Jonathan Mead of Paid to Exist.  He was offering his much-sought-after Trailblazing program as well as his other programs as part of a very interesting deal. The cost:  MAKE ME AN OFFER.
 As the old year was passing, and the new year was coming to an end, I thought about what I had to offer in terms of  cold, hard cash and kept coming up short. Then, the inkling came to me to offer a painting, specifically a pet painting.
After a few minutes going back and forth with my inner critic about how this wouldn't work,
I sent Jonathan a note, and shortly thereafter recieved a note back from his partner, Ev'Yan, that she had just been thinking about having a painting made of their darling little Sofie.
As they say, the rest is history. And I'm on my way to becoming a Trailblazer!
The lesson learned here...take chances!  They will work out or they won't...either way, you are in the arena and moving forward.
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  1. Shari, you are always an inspiration. Love the Sofie picture and I'm sure Ev'Yan does too. Enjoy your trailblazing!!!

  2. Letting Life lead will lead to Freedom! Carry on.


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