Monday, November 10, 2014

Mermaids Drink Free!

This is a mermaid that I painted recently during my "How to Paint a Mermaid" workshop called Bubbles and Bubbly! I embellished it with a super cute painted and glittery starfish which adds some extra dimension to this she needs it! This would be awesome hanging behind the poolside bar or at the beach house.  I'm offering it for a special price to my friends and followers before I list it on ETSY at the end of the week, $65 plus $10 shipping (continental US only-we can work something out for others). Message me if you would like to have her (or give her as a gift)!

Lovebeams Mermie Lovers!

Oh P.S.:  It is acrylic on canvas measuring 10" x 20" and comes ready to hang. 

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