Thursday, November 20, 2014

Seeing what others cannot

Spirit Owl by Shari Sherman, ©2014, acrylics on canvas

Today, I'm getting ready for a painting workshop that I'm doing later this afternoon. We will be painting the above Spirit Owl. I base these spirit animal workshops on native american animal medicine and the awareness of the animal's characteristics and the power of this knowledge to guide us. Everyone is probably familiar with the owl's image as a "wise" creature who is often used as a symbol for wisdom. But what is it that makes this bird so wise?  It is no secret that owl's eyesight is keenest at night. It hunts in the darkness. It can see what others cannot. It has the ability to see the most in the darkest hour. When we look at it this way, we can easily see how it might benefit us to sharpen our senses and see what is happening when darkness falls upon us. Often the darkness that we feel in life is a necessary part that gives way to light. Notice the contrast. Value that there is much to learn in the darkness... if we can appreciate that there is just as much abundance in the darkness as there is in the light, if you embrace the power of seeing what others cannot.

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