Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Week of Magical Thinking...

It is finally here. Our annual family trip to Sanibel Island. We always go around the week of July 4th, as my dad's birthday is July 3rd, so we have a lot to be thankful for and to celebrate. There is pure magic on this island! I know it to be true! This is a place where dreams bubble up and incubate in the warm Florida sun. Our bodies are in motion, riding bikes, playing tennis, frolicing in the sea (for real, this is where frolicing actually takes place!) And our imaginations are in motion as well. Dreaming, planning, and thinking of a future living by the ocean! Life on the island always instructs me to Simplify! To wake up early and go to bed tired from the day. Nature reminds me of her texture and her perfection and her quiet strength. I inquire of my self. I listen. I gain clarity here.

On this island, dreams seem within reach. I want to soak up each delicious moment. With this in mind, rather than walking around with my phone trying to document my feet in the sand (actually I have wanted to toss it into the sea quite a few times already), I'll catch you up on some pretty awesome things that have happened over the past few our Beyond Words show and Myrtle, the PoeTree!

Until next time, Lovebeams to you!

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