Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We are Poets & Painters! (Beyond Words Part 1)

When the four of us (Anne-Marie Colwell, elle o'dowd, MK Shaw, and myself) decided to undertake putting on an art show, we had no idea what it would grow into. We wanted it to include poetry and art. Simple enough. After all, our group is comprised of poets and painters, and we had been meeting sharing these things just for the sake of sharing. Even the title of our show, Beyond Words, started simply and flowed out easy-peasy. We wanted something that described going beyond poetry. What we got was something so much more. 

The name came to mean TRULY Beyond Words. As I can't even describe the beauty and alchemy that occurred. I can attempt, but really what happened is Beyond Words. 

For the longest time, the show seemed far away. Each time we met we would add a little bit here and a little bit about how we wanted this thing to take shape. Dates were hammered out. Anne-Marie masterfully took on the task of applying for a United Arts grant. We decided which poems would be included in the show. Elle set about inquiring about permissions for use of the poems. We made BIG decisions like wanting this to be more than an art and more of a community project. MK contacted PACE - Center for Girls about the possibility of our group visiting their school and presenting a program supporting poetry education. 

Things started to fall into place. We got the grant! PACE was onboard and receptive to our coming to visit. We began actively working on art and working on our PoeTree. 

It was truly an amazing experience working with this wildly wonderful women. The most significant aspect for me was the freedom to express ideas. I believe that this is truly the heartbeat of a great collaboration. Even if those ideas aren't the ones that come to fruition, just the simple act of being able to voice ideas that pop up without fear of ridicule or rejection. All things were considered. Even the challenges we faced were met with bravery and thoughtfulness and honesty.  Lots of tears and hugs and laughs were shared. This plus the actions that we took is how we created this magical show. 

My lovely little family on opening night!

Until next time, Lovebeams to you!

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