Monday, August 24, 2015

A Whirlwind Kinda Day (Part 2)

Luckily, for the second part of this whirlwind day, the drive home went superquick! I don't know why that is. Do we actually bend time depending on our anxiety/happiness levels? We've all heard that time flies when we are having it really true? I guess that's a question I can save if I ever have dinner with Stephen Hawking. Anyway, I stopped by my house to get water and candles (the 2 items I was designated to bring) for the art show. 

As I drove the 5 minutes it takes to get there, it started raining HARD. I was going to make it just in the nick of time (again) before the 7:00 start time. I fully expected there to be sparse attendance given the storm that was underway. I was happily surprised to see the parking lot full and the art house FULL. There is just something magical about this place too! I know it sounds like I say that about a lot of places, but there is just something so special about these gathering places, where creatives join energies...a certain kind of alchemy takes place. 

The show, entitled The Way, is an Artist Way retrospective, celebrating 20+ years of the Artist Way in Central Florida (it runs through August 28th, so go check it out). My dear friend, Cheryl Jones Evans, has been the facilitator for that many years contributing to widespread artistic growth in creatives and the community. Our Fearless Cheryl had just recently (as in days) undergone heart surgery and for the first time was not going to be able to organize this show. elle o'dowd stepped in to grab the reins and bravely organized everything so that the show could go on! Grateful hearts all around!  

Here I am with Elle, celebrating our creativity and honoring Cheryl and the Artist Way! Awesome job gettin' er done, Ellie!

Here I am with Radha, one of the newest AW members, and her lovely daughter.

The show is a fantastic culmination of many different artists who have gone through the Artist's Way course.  I am so happy to have the newest members, my very first Artist Way group, included in this event. For a few of them it was their first time putting their art out there in this type of setting. They all are simply phenomenal! With quite a few red dots too! Bravo!  So proud of you all for showing up. 

This only part that was missing from this amazing night was, of course, Cheryl. But I know that we each carried her around in our hearts the whole night! Thanking her, blessing her, and loving her back into health. This show wouldn't have taken place without her. It is through her that I have connected with most of the people in the room. And as I begin another round of the Artist's Way, I hope that I will do as good a job as she has done. 

Until next time, Lovebeams to you!

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