Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last day of summer...

It's the last day of summer in our household. In Florida, it will still be scorchingly hot for another 4 months possibly, so seasons change around other things. Like the beginning of school. My daughter, who just turned 13 on Saturday, begins virtual school this week. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, it's kind of a hybrid between homeschooling and public school. She gets all of the same curriculum as the brick and mortar school, but doesn't have to go there. Regardless, school is school and it means the end of summer. We just want to absorb every last bit of it before it's gone. 

So, on this last day of summer, my husband wants me to go help him in the backyard for a bit. Did I mention how scorchingly hot it is? Anyway, I bite the bullet and head out, because he is right, it will go much faster with 2 people working than one. There isn't a ton of stuff to be done, just a little cleanup, and what usually happens is that when I get out there, I can't stop! Just one more clipping...let me replant this raggedy milkweed for the butterflies...oh, how would this look over here?  And Voila! I now have an outside art station! 

All I did was clean up our old potting table and moved it to a shady spot! And I salvaged a piece of plywood from the garage and painted this sign to let everyone know..."feel free to make some ART!" 

I'm looking forward to working out here with the lizards and the trees. It will make an excellent drying table too. Everything dries so quick in the sun. Not to mention spray painting! Isn't it amazing how just a little re-arranging can inspire you? I feel like I turned a key in the Universe! 
Happy Art for Happy People!  That's what I always say!

Until next time, Lovebeams to you!

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