Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Summer of Summer Camp

Summer Camp has come to an end at The Craft Shack!  Don't get me wrong, it was a great experience...but....I'm glad to have a week-long break afterwards! This was my first year of teaching kids on a regular basis. Each week, they would tentatively come through the doors not knowing what to expect. For some it would take a day to relax. They all loved doodling on the tables. As soon as a marker was put in their hands they would start to open up. As the week progressed, the short-lived shyness was surpassed by raucous laughter. Their wildness awakening with each blob of color, snip of yarn, and smudge of glue. After snack time, there were days I felt like head monkey wrangler. I have made a mental note to get a little bell instead of trying to raise my voice above theirs. There were lots of things learned by both them and me. I especially loved seeing their unbridled creativity. I especially loved the kids who hunkered their heads down in creative action and then would spring up, "look at this, Miss Shari!" And on the flip side, I  thought I might go crazy if I heard the phrase, "is this good? is this good? is this good? is this good?" one more time. YES, it is all good. I loved all of their crooked lines and jagged edges and smiling faces. Just the fact that you are here and you are getting messy and creating is GOOD. I hope you will carry these memories with you into your future...I know I will. Now, off to find a bell!

Until next time, Lovebeams to you!

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