Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hard work + Lots of Creativity = Magical Results

WOW! We had such an amazing day yesterday setting up the children's room for the Leu Gardens House. I had posted earlier about making the felt ornaments, and there are lots more prep photos to come. Just to catch you up with what this is all goes. The Craft Shack was asked to decorate the children's room for the annual Leu Gardens Holiday house, so we have been busily cutting, sewing, glittering and gluing to make it all happen. And yesterday, Debbie and I finally got to put it all together. A special thanks to Debbie's mom, Doris, for joining us and using her decorating skills to help us. And it took ALL DAY, but the results were simply magical as you can see from the pictures above. And each room of the house is decorated beautifully by other local designers and businesses. If you are looking for a low-key, away from the crowds, but festive to put you in the holiday spirit activity, please stop by and visit the house. Check the Leu Gardens website for more info and schedule of guided tours:

This is one of the projects that I made for the house. A branch Advent Calendar. It is not functional, so the kiddos will NOT find actual goodies in these packages. But it makes for a wonderful wall hanging, and by wonderful I takes my breath away how cool it is!  I'll do a post describing the process shortly. Super easy, just takes some time and patience. And a nice branch (I was saving one in my garage for God-knows-what and Ta-Da! found it's purpose!)  From garage to grandeur...that's how I roll. 

And finally, here is my Heart. I created these two whimsical characters as part of our theme/story..."For the Love of Nature."  Nature was the focus and I created 3 characters to embody that:  Barnabus the Black Bear, Henrietta the Hedgehog (Heddy for short), and Cornelius the Cardinal. I have had quite a few late, late nights bringing these guys to life. If you see me out and about, and I have some extreme bags under my eyes, this is why. Don't judge. 

I love them all, but I am especially proud of the black bear. So much love and blessings went into this guy considering all that is happening here in Florida with the black bears. PLUS, an awesome thing about him is that he is made from one of my old black TURTLENECK SWEATERS!! For REAL. I know, I know, I should have taken step-by-steps but I didn't. When I am creating, this gets in the way of my process and slows me down. I am slow enough. Anyway, don't worry, I'm making another soon as Debbie saw him, she said, "I want one...The Craft Shack NEEDS one!" So, as soon as I can find another sweater, I'll takes pics of how it is done and share that with you! Promise. 

So stay don't want to miss that!

Until next time, go out and be Kind
Lovebeams to YOU!

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  1. Love it all! Can't wait for more info on the processes, etc. Great job!


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