Monday, January 15, 2018

Two weeks in...are you still on track?

Hello Sunbeams!

Considering that I am still in the planning stage and haven't fully cemented what my goals for the new year are...YES, I would say I am still on track!

One of the things that I AM committed to is updating this blog more frequently. My wonderful mastermind superhero group (also known as the Poets & Painters) have fallen into the tradition (thank you MK for keeping us on track) of using Alyson Stanfield's annual review to look back at the past year and lay some groundwork for the upcoming one.

Of course, I love thinking ahead with all of the possibilities and potential. It is so much FUN to think of what can be! I shy away from looking back because it usually feels like NOT ENOUGH...the opposite of fun. But, I know it is important to take account and use what didn't work as a guide for what I want to create in 2018.

Two glaring things that I want to change in the new year:
1) Updating the blog. I would love to update at least once a week. I want to be able to look back through my blog and see a complete recollection of my year. That's what I am visualizing for January 2019. Last year, I did 4 blogposts. Four. That's one a quarter. Surely, I can beat that.

2) I didn't go to any art shows or museums last year (I did visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which was AH-MAZING and definitely counts, but I'm talking visual arts here). I also briefly popped into the Casselberry Art House. For the new year, I want to commit to exploring more. Even if I just stayed in Central Florida, there is so much to experience. I want that. YES. Helloooo....Artist Dates?!!

I want to express some gratitude this week for my dear friend, Mary K. Shaw. She is an amazing person...thoughtful, creative, and open who operates with integrity and a generous heart. She is a maker and a giver and an INSPIRATION. She made me this little (but mighty!) friendship book as a gift for the holidays. Wow! It is filled with quotes and her mixed media papers and reminds me that I am LOVED. Thank you, MK, for all that you are and thank you UNIVERSE, for letting me hang out with her in this life.
 This week also required some good ol' Jewish penicillin, matzo ball soup (I have to note that they turned out light and fluffy, not dense at all.) Just as my husband, Tim, was coming off a couple weeks of sickness, my daughter awoke on Thursday morning with a 100+ fever. Oy Vey. Needless to say, a lot of Lysol and bleach has been used in our house this weekend.

Finally, Kona just wanted to say, Hi! He has been enjoying the weekend napping on the couch next to the fire and warming up to the cat.

Until next time, Lovebeams to you!

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