Monday, April 6, 2009

Bunny Dog

The 6th Annual Doggie Art Festival was the best yet. The new venue over in Baldwin Park worked out very well and I can definitely see this show growing in size in the years to come. It was so to see everyone who stopped by my booth, both old friends and new. I actually forgot this guy in the scanner at home and Tim had to bring him back later in the day. (ADD, I tell you!) It didn't take very long before he was SOLD and off to his new home. I'm looking forward to recuping and organizing tomorrow. I want to revamp the website, the shop, and I got the crazy idea that I want to change the name of my company. I won't reveal anything yet, especially considering I think that is going to involve a lot of work, but we'll see. Ya godda do whatcha godda do.
It doesn't feel like Spring Break. Especially being that it will be in the friggin' 40s at night for most of the week. It's Florida, it's April. Halloo?? Anyway, Friday is looking good for a beach day. If I can get one beach day this week, I will be stoked! Ha.


  1. Very clever and creative paintings that make you smile!! Thanks for that and for the info on the Dog Show. Have a great day~ Wendy

  2. Oh Shari, this is adorable! I'm finding myself painting more of people's pets these days and I'll be sure to blog them as well. Happy Easter!


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