Monday, April 6, 2009

Cutie of the Day

One of the best parts of the Doggie Art Fest is that I get to see all the cute dogs parading about. I just love, love them. And I definitely got my corgi on yesterday. But this little guy was the cutest overall. He was seriously smiling for the camera. I asked what his name was, thinking it was going to be Spike or Killer......nope, Jefferson. You go with your bad self, Jeff.


  1. I wish I would've seen that yesterday. Jefferson has the power to make my day.
    How many doggie art shows are there a year? I would love to go to ANY of your shows, but a doggie one would just top it all!

  2. What a great look~~ A mohawk on a dog! I love this!!!

  3. Now I don't even like dogs, but damn he is cute!


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