Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break....finally

It has been chilly all week here in FLA and not exactly Spring Break weather. The sun has been out, but it's been windy and chilly nonetheless. So finally, Good Friday, in the mid 80s, we made it to the beach! And so did every other person in Central Florida apparently. It was beautiful and fun and the kids got to play and dig and squeal and run and I got to catch up on some girlfriend time. We saw dolphins and unfortunately this poor guy who beached himself and for whatever reason could not fly. He was pitifully trying to drag himself onto shore with his beak. OMG. How sad! I wondered how long he must have been floating before he washed ashore. Coincidentally, Leila had brought her stuffed pelican to the beach that day, so she went and got it (to keep him company) and we stood guard near this poor fellow until the beach patrol arrived to take him to the animal rescue. I hope he makes it.

Today, my friend called me "a woman of great faith." I had never thought of myself as that before, being non-religious, but I guess I am and it felt kinda nice to be described as such. Good Friday, indeed.
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  1. That is a pretty great description of you.
    I'm glad you guys had a fun day at the beach - as much as I say I don't like it that much, I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I think that happens when the weather gets to be so pretty again here. I'm definitely happy the brown winter is over and the pink and purple and white spring is here!

  2. I'm nonreligious as well & yet I second that notion: Shari is a woman-of-great-faith.

    Thank you for your encouragement and sweetness!
    I had to completely stop blogging in order to finish my paper. Of course I feel comfortable in receiving kindness from you. I couldn't find your e-mail listed on your blog so here's mine:

    I'll be sure to reply back with a mailing address. :)

  3. That poor bird. Glad animal rescue got to help him anyway.


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