Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goin with the flow...

Now that school has started back, I, too, feel like it is time to get back to "work". Fall means art shows and holidays and it seems like in no time at all there will be a flurry of activity filling the days. I 've had a productive week with art journaling, starting 2 new BIG paintings, and also taking a little time to add some cuteness to my studio!

This is one of those black, squishy, comfort mats. I use it sometimes when I stand for a long time at the easel. Previous to this, it was covered with paint splotches, kinda like a drop cloth. It was quite uninspiring, and it just happens to be the first thing I see when I enter my studio space.

All I did was paint it up, put a couple of coats of varnish, and then applied some bowling wax, very similar to the method I use to make floorcloths.  Creates a durable, cleanable surface, that also makes me happy and ready to get down to some art work!

Here's how it looks!
I'm noticing that I get a little anxious because I don't have it all planned out, all figured out yet, about how to proceed. But I'm also realizing that I don't have to....yet. All I have to do is keep at it, persevere, keep doing something everyday to get me a little further along, like the turtle. Lately, things have been popping up that have me saying, YES!  Ideas, opportunities, books, and even this mat.

Are things happening in your life that you can say YES to? I'd love to hear...

In the meantime,

Go Out and Be Kind


  1. It's hard sometimes, working alone in the studio and not having a set career map or progress report to help guide your next steps. It's also liberating and wonderful, isn't it?! Love that you treated your space with a beautiful welcoming mat. Keep on, keepin' on! We're all out here, with you, in this crazy juicy quest for art making.

  2. super cute floor cloth! a great way to spin off the creativity.


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