Saturday, January 28, 2012

Studio Snapshots

Whenever I visit my local home improvement center, I always make a stop at the paint department to check on their OOPS paint offerings. If you are unfamiliar with OOPS paint, it is simply paint that is returned to the store because for whatever reason, the customer was unsatisfied with the color. These cans range in price from $1, $5, $10. While this super-yummy HOT PINK might have been too much for the faint of heart, it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. For half price, I'll take it!
Isn't it gorgeous?

And this is what I painted! These boring wood chairs are well on their way to becoming fabulous.
My soundtrack for this project:  To The 5 Boroughs by The Beastie Boys.  This CD is filled with surprises, sounds, beats, humorous samples. It gets me groovin' in the studio!  Perfect energy to paint to!  This album is a love letter to New york after 9/11.  Easily some of the Boys best work. in my opinion, second only to Paul's Boutique. If you have a chance...check, check, check it out! Warning: There are F-bombs dropped all over the place. If this offends you, you might want to skip this one.
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