Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Sweet Little Treat

In an effort to keep clutter under control, I try to keep a tight rein on what comes in or at least try to balance it with what goes out of the house. I am especially scrupulous about knick-knacky type things that collect dust and take up valuable space. BUT, the other day on a recent supply run to Michael's, I happened on this, and I decided to treat myself. This whole line of birdy-inspired candle holders and candles are on sale, and I got this cage plus a set of 3 egg-shaped candles for about $8!  I got it back to the studio and dressed it up with some sheer ribbons and VOILA!
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  1. Love this. it's beautiful.. I saw all that stuff at my Mikes too.. love it all! Love the birdies too! Your studio looks fabulous.. just perfect! xo bonitarose

  2. Thanks Bonita! So sweet of you!

  3. Love it-as usual! I have about 4 birdcages-I really like them


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