Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Word is...


Most of you are probably aware of the simple practice (ding!ding!ding!) of picking a Word for the year.  The idea is to pick a word that you can use to guide you through the year. Whenever you are feeling a little stuck or off kilter, you can focus on your word, regain some direction or perspective, and get yourself back on track.   For a little video that I made for my art group, explaining how I came to my word, PRACTICE, click here.

When contemplating this word, my mind initially went to the common notion of practice being laborious, as in "UGH, do I have to?".  The kind of practice that makes you "PERFECT". The kind of practice that no one wants to do.

UGH, is right. 

   But, for some reason, this word resonated with me, and on delving deeper and sitting with the word, I rolled around phrases like "What would I like to put into practice?"  "What do I want to practice?" and the affirmative, "I am a practicing ARTIST!"

So what if practice wasn't laborious?
What if it is merely devoting energy to what you want to create in your life? (I want to practice my guitar this year!) 
What if practicing is more about honoring your time? (I will make it a practice to go to the studio for at least 15 minutes a day!--that is mostly for those days when I am down and not feeling inspired.) 

Or respecting your body? (My practice is eating well and deep breathing.)

Or inspiring others?  (I practice smiling and kindness.)


So this year, practice isn't about doing something that I should do, merely to get BETTER. (After all, I'm pretty amazing, right now! Can I getta Whoop-whoop?) 

PRACTICE, this year, is going to be deciding what I truly want to devote my time to, on a consistent basis, in order to create the life I dream about.  Boo-ya!

I'm going to practice being BRAVE
I'm going to practice listening to my INKLINGS.
I'm going to practice financial $$ RESPONSIBILITY.
I'm going to practice GIVING freely.
I'm going to practice KINDNESS.
I'm going to practice LOVING self talk.

Here's a little something I made to remind me of my word...

It's a 16" x 20" canvas, and I think I channeled me some of the lovely Traci Bautista in this one.
Traci uses a graffiti style of painting that is free-form , intuitive, and filled with energy.  This was quick and fun using colors that I love.  I just have to say I can't get enough of DRIPPING!  I loveit, loveit, loveit! I'll do another post on how to do this, just in case you've never tried this.
This painting is a loving, happy way to remind me of how I want to live my life.
It makes me SWOON when I see it.
I makes me want to PRACTICE.

Do you have a word for the year? I'd love to hear what it is!


  1. Love your writing,
    Love your word,
    Love you.

  2. Beautiful picture of you. love the new layout as well

  3. greighsmom/aka Joy3:01 PM

    Shari-this site is inspiring! I might just select a word of my own after reading about yours. Thank you for sharing.


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