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Aloha Friends, I hope you all are enjoying this project as much as I am. I love the interesting questions and everyone's answers so far.  Today's post features Stephanie Guimond, who I am so happy to call a new friend!  I have been working with Stephanie recently as part of her Get Clear, Get Moving program and I am so, so grateful for her help in getting my ball rolling with my upcoming book, The Inklings.  If you have a stalled project or are feeling at a crossroads, I recommend bookmarking her page to check out Get Clear, Get Moving when it launches soon!  Until then, read on to see how she answers my question:
Question: What animal would represent your first year of business?

Name of business: Stephanie Guimond - Artist, visionary, avid left-brainer

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Years in business: less than 1


I'm Stephanie Guimond, artist, visionary and avid left-brainer. I paint, I dream big and I love spreadsheets.

In 2008 I picked up a paint brush for the first time since kindergarten and haven't put it down since. My art, like myself, varies in style and personality from the vintage girly to the unexplainable abstract. The most common theme is visibly the feminine, but I'm always exploring...

Working with materials like acrylics, paper, pastels and ink, I'm drawn to an intuitive and fluid approach to painting where images appear organically before being polished into a finished product. Because of this intuitive nature, pieces are heavily influenced by what I'm living the week, the day or the moment they are created. They reflect a personal story that in an odd way infuses them with a universal quality.

I share my home with hubby and Cassie, our Golden Retriever. I left my 9-5 job last fall to try something different, and spend most of my days working in my guest bedroom turned office/studio creating art and other paid work that supports the life I want to create overall.

I am grateful for the opportunity.
Question: What animal would represent your first year of business?

Answer: Turtle. Definitely the turtle because even though at some times the journey seems full & chaotic, overall I feel like it's been slow & steady - one action at a time. Sometimes I wish I worked faster, I'm experimenting with pace to see what works best. In the meantime I practice trust that even at my turtle pace I will reach a finish line someday soon so I can move to the next leg of the race.

Current projects: a new Website, growing my business with a new left-brain offering called Get Clear, Get Moving (coming soon!), learning to balance it all in my own way

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