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101010-VALERIE WELLER featured TODAY

Aloha Friends!  Another fabulous installment in the 101010 (888) project!  Check out Valerie Weller's answer to my question:
What animal would represent your first year in business?

BUSINESS INFO: (launching soon)

30 years in the business of art and graphic design


Valerie Weller considers herself an art creator, a lover of color, and a seeker…. She has spent most of her life as a graphic designer with a fine art background, yet in the past few years, has been transitioning into developing & creating her own body of work. Her dream is to create, paint, and share her process full time.

Passionate about color, Valerie works in watercolor, acrylic, oil and mixed media. She holds a BA degree in art with a minor in education. After a solid thirty years of running a successful freelance graphic design business, she is now transitioning to create "part two" of her artistic life, in the world of painting. Currently she is developing various works of art in the mixed media category. From small to large paintings in an organic, intuitive style, to art journaling in watercolor, & mixed media, her work continues to express her passion for color and expressive, organic forms.
Valerie shows her work at boutiques, art shows as well as online through her etsy shop, website, and blog. She is working on an e-course/video series in watercolor, based on the wonderful response to her art journaling pages. Valerie loves to connect with people and works to inspire other's to believe in their own gifts. Her hope is to connect through her art, to cultivate and nurture the development of each person's individual "art spirit".

What animal would represent your first year in business?

Why a bird of course! I laugh, as I say this, because I tend to paint birds into my art frequently, and I am drawn to them in nature. We have many birdhouses in our yard, plants to attract them, and feeders to provide for them. I see them as spiritual little beings, organic in nature, with wings that they trust, to take them along paths, that only they know.
A brief little story- we had a small birdhouse, on a post in our yard for many years. The house was decorative with a very small hole- too small for any bird to nest in, so I thought. The summer before my daughter left for college, a little bird took up residence. I watched from my kitchen window as the poppa bird brought twigs, grasses and clippings to weave a place for momma to have the kiddo's. I watched in amazement. This incredible process came at a most meaningful time of transition in my life. Could it be that this nest was intentionally put there for me to experience?

Three little eggs hatched at the end of summer. I watched three little birds fly off literally, a couple of days before my oldest daughter went away to college. I hold this sweet experience close to my heart, serving as a symbol of the "transitions" we all go through in life- my art process and business, being the current one. Those little birds embodied being brave, knowing when to fly, and trusting the spirit to guide them along the path put forth. Little birds… such meaningful little connectors in my art life.

CURRENT PROJECTS: (projected launch- July)

an online watercolor e-course (in-process-stay tuned to blog posts for launch date)


June 23
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