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Good Morning Everyone!  We are under a tornado watch here in Florida so I'm going to post and then get off the computer!! Yikes!! Today's 101010 participant is the awesome, Phyllis Dobbs.   I am definitely going to be bookmarking her blog, as her expertise is in licensing her art, an area where I would like to learn a lot more.  Read on below to see how Phyllis answers my question.

Phyllis Dobbs

Business Name - Phyllis Dobbs Art & Design
Started business as - Lucky Duck Designs

Blog -
Website -
Facebook -
Zazzle -
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Years in business - I started my business 28 years ago.
Brief Bio -
As an artist, I create art for licensing on products in the textile, gift and home goods industry. In textiles, I have designed fabric collections for 7 years. I also focus on designing quilt and sewing patterns and have written a new quilt book “Asymmetrical Quilts”.

What animal would represent your first year of business?
I had to chuckle at this question. I started my business as Lucky Duck Designs and illustrated a lot of ducks for counted cross stitch. So my answer is a duck. I was also given a lot of nicknames such as “Ducky” and “Ms. Duck”.

I am in a huge network of people with the same type of business as mine. So I would go in a different direction. Tony Ford is the one I would love to sit and talk with. I have attended several of Tony’s seminars and came away with so much information. In today’s world, social media is so important for business so I would discuss the rapidly changing world of social media and technology and how to use it effectively with my business. (Tony Ford is the COO of and the Technology Expert for the Craft and Hobby Association, CHA)

Current Projects:
Phyllis is currently working on new art for licensing including a new fabric line as well as adding more art to products for her Zazzle store. She also just entered into a collaboration with another quilt designer for a quilt related project.

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