Saturday, June 30, 2012

Island Bound

My favorite time of the year has finally come:  Summer, birthday month, and our annual week on Sanibel Island!  My soul NEEDS this like my lungs need air...salty, ocean air!  I have been visiting the island with my family since I was about 15, except for a few foolish years where I thought it was a better idea to stay behind with friends or boyfriends.  Foolishness.

Even with all of this experience...even though I know I won't really need anything beside bathing suits, T-shirts, and shorts, and flip-flops, and maybe a sundress...I have to really try to curb my packing. I usually end up bringing way more than I use...just in case. 

Above is a snapshot of what I'm taking in the art bag.  Whittled way down.  A sketchbook, colored pencils, sharpener, black ink pens, scissors, glue, watercolors, and cameras.  That's it.  And that is for Leila and I (although I think she has her personal stash of coloring books/crayons).  

I won't even show you the book bag!

If I can get wi-fi, I'll post. If not, I'll see ya in a week!

Aloha, Friends!

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Aloha friends! It's so nice to hear from you!